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W&P TRIDENT TIME & TIDE 10" Black Dial

W&P TRIDENT TIME & TIDE 10" Black Dial

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The Trident Time and Tide wall clock features bold, white, easy-to-read lettering on a black face. The time is marked with white hands while the rising and falling of the tide is indicated with a red hand. This large (10 inch diameter) time and tide clock is housed in a black resin case with an acrylic crystal. The tide sector averages the Atlantic lunar tide cycle.

  • Combination quartz time & tide movement
  • Large black dial with easy-to-read bold white letters
  • Housed in black resin case with acrylic crystal
  • Red tide indicator hand is calibrated to the Atlantic lunar tide cycle
  • Note: Tide calibration for other tidal bodies of water will need to be reset frequently, e.g., Pacific Ocean & Gulf of Mexico
  • AA battery, instructions & mounting hardware included
  • Lifetime warranty
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