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W&P Endurance II 105 Thermometer

W&P Endurance II 105 Thermometer

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Light, strong, and durable, the brass Endurance II 105 Thermometer is a dial-style bimetal thermometer that displays both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. It has been pre-adjusted and calibrated in a temperature controlled environment at the factory. Temperature Range is: -20-50 °s C/ 14-122 °s F. Constructed with a high luster, maintenance-free brass finish, this compact porthole style thermometer is weather resistant and guaranteed not to tarnish.

  • Compact size
  • Bimetal thermometer with Fahrenheit & Celsius scales
  • Range: -20-50 °s C/ 14-122 °s F
  • Tolerance: +/- -2 °s C/ 28.4 °s F
  • Maintenance-free, ultra-hard brass finish
  • Weather resistant
  • Traditional porthole front-opening bezel
  • Beveled glass crystal
  • Mounting methods for boat or shore
  • Single wood base in black or Mahogany finish available separately (105SB & 105SM)
  • Lifetime warranty on finish & movement
W&P 131200 Dimensions: Dial: 3 1⁄5 " (81 mm) Overall Diameter: 4 3⁄4" (121 mm) Depth: 2 1⁄8" (54 mm) Weight: 0.8 lbs
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