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W&P Atlantis Thermometer

W&P Atlantis Thermometer

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The brass Atlantis Thermometer is part of the extensive Atlantis Instrument Collection which features the classic screw bezel and solid forged brass case that is hand polished and flawlessly lacquered. This dial-type thermometer includes both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales with markings every 2 degrees from -8° F to 130° F.

  • Solid forged brass case, polished & lacquered
  • Dial-type thermometer with both Fahrenheit & Celsius scales, marking every two degrees from -8° to 130° Fahrenheit
  • Pre-adjusted in temperature controlled environment
  • Instructions & mounting hardware included
  • Lifetime warranty on movement
  • Optional Mahogany finish wood base available separately (100B or 101B)
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