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Trysail Weather Station

Trysail Weather Station

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The Trysail Weather Station is perfect for anyone who wants to monitor the weather at-a-glance. This nautical set displays the time plus three essential elements in the weather equation: air pressure, air temperature, and relative humidity. Three porthole style brass instruments are set in a mahogany finished hardwood plaque that can be mounted on the wall with a vertical orientation.

  • Three instruments vertically mounted on mahogany hardwood plaque
  • Comfortmeter (thermometer/hygrometer), quartz clock, & barometer
  • Brass finish will never tarnish
  • N battery, instructions, & mounting hardware included
  • Lifetime warranty

Dimensions: Dep: 2 ½" (318 mm) Wid: 14 ¼" (362 mm) Ht: 6" (152 mm) Dial: 2 ½" (64 mm)
Weight: 2 lbs 14 oz (1270 g)

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