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W&P Porthole Desk Set (Weather)

W&P Porthole Desk Set (Weather)

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The Porthole Desk Set features a brass quartz clock, a barometer and a convenient pen rest placed in a mahogany finished wood stand. The polished brass instruments will always look new because of the tarnish resistant finish. This nautical set looks great on any desk at home or at work.

  • Quartz clock & aneroid barometer
  • Maintenance-free brass finish
  • Solid hardwood with mahogany finish
  • Pen rest
  • Rubber feet to protect desk surface
  • N battery, instructions & mounting hardware included
  • Lifetime warranty

Length: 10.2 in (25.91 cm)
Width: 5.2 in (13.21 cm)
Height: 2.2 in (5.59 cm)
Weight: 2.2 lb (5.59 cm)

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