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Eldridge 2024 Tide and Pilot Book

Eldridge 2024 Tide and Pilot Book

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The chances are that if your great-grandparents went boating somewhere on the Atlantic coast, a copy of the ELDRIDGE TIDE AND PILOT BOOK was on board. Since 1875, when George W. Eldridge published the first edition.

The indispensable resource for East Coast boaters, the ELDRIDGE TIDE AND PILOT BOOK 2023 has tides and currents for ports from Nova Scotia to Key West. Often referred to as the mariner's bible, Eldridge has been published for 149 years, giving boaters valuable information on GPS and electronic navigation, marine weather, Federal regulations, navigation rules, coastal piloting tips, and emergency first aid. As a back-up for electronics, Eldridge is a vital reference. Readers will be further rewarded with useful articles on fishing, nautical astronomy, and maritime traditions.


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