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Cruising Guide to Leeward Islands by Seaworthy

Cruising Guide to Leeward Islands by Seaworthy

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A Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands, 2nd edition, is the completely updated version of Steve Pavlidis' comprehensive guide to the Leeward Islands that stretch from the northernmost, Anguilla to the southernmost, Dominica.

Now in full-color with many new charts and aerial photos of the principal harbors, it contains 294 pages of text with 85 sketch charts that have GPS-accurate data based on independent surveys personally conducted by the author. In addition it contains detailed piloting instructions, GPS waypoints, aerial photos, approaches and routes, anchorages, services, dive sites, history, index, bibliography and more.

Filled with valuable information based on actual experience and local knowledge, A Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands, 2ed. will greatly enhance your Caribbean cruising experience. Starting in the Exuma Cays, in the Bahamas over 20 years ago, Stephen J. Pavlidis began a writing career with guides to the many cruising destinations he visited. Many of his books stand alone to this day as the quintessential guides to the areas that he covers. All of the charts in Steve's books were created using data personally collected while visiting each area using a computerized system that interfaces GPS and depth soundings. The resulting charts are so accurate that they have been utilized by electronic navigational data providers to provide additional detail to supplement government-produced charts

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