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Compass Observation Record Book by Harpoon

Compass Observation Record Book by Harpoon

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This Compass Observation Record Book is intended to simplify the process of recording observations and determining compass error for all onboard compasses. It is primarily set up to record observations for two Gyro and/or satellite compasses and one Magnetic compass. Vessels with different configurations can utilize multiple lines.

As the title suggests, the boxes labeled P – A – T - L exist so that the navigator can simply check the appropriate box for Pushing, Towing Astern, Light Barge and leaving the rest blank instead of writing all that information out in the Remarks section. Unless noted otherwise, a vessel engaged in towing a barge without the Light Barge box checked would be considered towing a Loaded Barge. Any other information which can affect the compass observation can be recorded in the Remarks section.

Prudent seamanship dictates that all compasses be checked regularly, and their corresponding errors be known to the navigator. Constant errors for Gyro/Satellite compasses can be removed to improve their accuracy to all the equipment using that information for navigation and collision avoidance. Variable errors may indicate the need for service. Determining Deviation provides an important verification of the Deviation Tables for the vessel. Inaccurate Tables indicate the need to swing your vessel and create new ones.

8 1/2 x 11, About twenty two-page spreads with space for seventeen entries on each. Soft cover, saddle-stitched.

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