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C Plath Merkur R2 Compass 2 deg Card Type 2631

C Plath Merkur R2 Compass 2 deg Card Type 2631

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This C-Plath Merkur R2° Lifeboat compass includes a 2° compass card with one lubber line and a square flange. It mounts horizontally and is extremely resistant to vibration. The Merkur R2° is manufactured in Germany by C. Plath and is built to function reliably in environments where strong vibrations, saltwater, heat, humidity, and cold are the norm. The black housing is seawater resistant and made of a light alloy. The super-strong glass dome is insensitive to ultraviolet rays and is guaranteed for life against cracking, crazing, and yellowing under normal use. The accuracy of indication, lag error, and oscillation period all exceed the International Organization of Standards norm. Additionally, the vibration resistance of this compass exceeds requirements of BSH (German Hydrographic Institute).

  • Type 2631
  • Extremely shock resistant
  • Well-suited for high speeds
  • Glass dome blocks UV rays
  • Certified by GL (Notified Body 0098) according to the requirements 96/98/EC in accordance with module B and D (Wheelmark)
  • Horizontal mounting
  • Square flange
  • Clear 2° compass card with one lubber line
  • 12-V or 24-V lighting, red, glare-free
  • Deviation error
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