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Bayside Guide to Weather on the Chesapeake

Bayside Guide to Weather on the Chesapeake

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In 1966 Congress passed the National Sea Grant College Program Act to promote marine research, education, and extension services in institutions along the nation's ocean and Great Lakes coasts. In Maryland a Sea Grant Program -- a partnership among federal and state governments, universities, and industries -- began in 1977, and in 1982 the University of Maryland was named the nation's seventeenth Sea Grant College.

The Maryland Sea Grant College focuses its efforts on the Chesapeake Bay, with emphasis on the marine concerns of fisheries, seafood technology, and environmental quality.

This pocket-sized reference guide summarizes some of the processes and events that make up weather in general, types of weather common on the Chesapeake during each season, weather hazards to guard against, and types of activities appropriate during each season.

Intended for all who live, work, or play on or around the Bay, this readable guide to weather includes tables of statistical information about the Bay's weather patterns and is illustrated with photographs and drawings of the Bay, Bay life, and weather processes.

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