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Storms and Wild Water

Storms and Wild Water

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In a word, this book is 'awesome'. Dag Pike's name is synonymous with safety at sea, and his first book, Disasters at Sea made for a riveting read. In his new publication the author again draws on historical fact and on his own experiences during 60 years at sea. But then he throws the sea and wind into the equation, and as the forces of nature are unleashed, the accounts are at the same time incredibly interesting, almost terrifying, and certainly sobering enough to make you thankful you are doing the reading in safe, warm conditions -- on terra firma. There are dramatic stories aplenty, involving craft big and small, and they take place in every corner of the oceans. Every type of storm is described, from tropical revolving storms to tsunamis, and every condition, from holes in the water to extreme waves -- and the eastern seaboard of South Africa, with its Agulhas Current gets more than one mention for its notoriety.
"The writing is excellent, whether informative or descriptive, and the photographs are added testimony to the forces of wind and water. " Sailing
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