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Seafarer's Guide to Vetting Inspections

Seafarer's Guide to Vetting Inspections

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The essential counterpart to INTERTANKO’s best-selling Guide to the Vetting Process, the Seafarers’ Guide to Vetting Inspections is aimed squarely at those at the coal-face of vetting inspections – the seafarers themselves.

The importance of successful ship inspections cannot be understated, without these; vessels will have extreme difficulties to trade. And without properly trained and prepared seafarers, a ship will have extreme difficulty in passing a vetting inspection.

Good and thorough preparations will not only show an Inspector the competency and professionalism of the crew, but also how well the vessel is operated.

The Seafarers’ Guide to Vetting Inspections has been written to work hand in hand with each chapter of the SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ) and provides guidance on the responsibilities and preparations needed to successfully address each question in the VIQ.

The Seafarers’ Guide to Vetting Inspections is an invaluable reference guide for senior officers and crew and serves as the perfect partner to the new edition of INTERTANKO’s invaluable Guide to the Vetting Process."

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