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Rebuilding Rose: The Tale of an Atkins Packet Sloop

Rebuilding Rose: The Tale of an Atkins Packet Sloop

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A rare experience awaits the lucky reader of this engrossing tale of resurrection. Nor' Easter Chesapeake Bay EditionOne afternoon in 1997, an unsuspecting Jim Spaulding arrived home from work to learn that his wife Cheryl had "rescued" a dilapidated 25-foot, gaff-rigged sloop from a date with the incinerator. Over the next six years, the Spauldings, along with a colorful cast of family and friends, faithfully restored the Atkins-design Rose to its original beauty. This is their engaging story. The tale of Rose culminates with the maiden voyage of the restored vessel on the Chesapeake Bay, but not before readers are treated to an entertaining and illustrated journey through the entire restoration process. While most of the story takes a "how-they-did-it" approach, several sections explain unique tasks in the restoration. The comprehensive treatment is illustrated with dozens of photographs and detailed drawings.

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