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Lost Treasure Ships of The Northern Sea

Lost Treasure Ships of The Northern Sea

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The seas of northern Europe are probably the most heavily traveled in recent millennia, and there are literally thousands of wrecks lying in what is relatively shallow water. Among these a significant proportion may be regarded as high-value--either in financial terms or because of their potential contribution to historical knowledge--but few have been precisely located. This book identifies 500 such sites, giving concise details of ship, voyage, cargo and current state of knowledge. This represents a large proportion of the most valuable wrecks in the designated area. The book is also introduced by twenty detailed case-studies of wrecks chosen to illustrate the range of problems--and rewards--likely to be encountered by anyone diving on these sites. These include a variety of ship types, from a Roman trading vessel to a German liner sunk in the Baltic by the Russians in 1945. Well written and heavily illustrated, this book is both a practical guide for divers and an entertainment for armchair adventurers.

A Guide and Gazetteer to 2000 Years of Shipwreck
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