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Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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Marine Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, by James A. Harbach

Due to a strong industry need, many academies and technical schools now offer courses on refrigeration and air-conditioning. Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning introduces this complicated subject in a detailed, straightforward manner. Mechanical refrigeration is used onboard in many ways, including refrigerated ship’s stores, air-conditioning, and refrigerated cargo storage areas. Although reciprocating compressors have been the standard for decades, systems using rotary and centrifugal compressors are quickly becoming the norm. Author James A. Harbach addresses both systems and discusses the changes step-by-step. Since the 1990s, environmental concerns have had a major effect on refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Today’s students are required to learn how to retrofit existing systems and replace entire units. These tasks are explained fully in this title.
6″ x 9″, 17 b/w photos, 138 illustrations, 408 pages, hard cover

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