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Eldridge 2023 Tide and Pilot Book

Eldridge 2023 Tide and Pilot Book

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The chances are that if your great-grandparents went boating somewhere on the Atlantic coast, a copy of the ELDRIDGE TIDE AND PILOT BOOK was on board. Since 1875, when George W. Eldridge published the first edition, ELDRIDGE has been the most relied-upon source for helpful information about tides and currents, and a whole lot more.
In the new edition, you'll find the latest tide and current tables for the Atlantic coast, pages on GPS navigation, radiotelephone use, lights and fog signals, courses and distances, safety and weather for the mariner. Printed every year, ELDRIDGE appears in November in many marine stores and bookshops.
Not only is it loaded with valuable information, it's the least expensive guide of its kind available. That's why it's been a bestseller since 1875.

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